Environmental Testing



Environment Testing

The main objective of the environment laboratory is to provide reliable and efficient analysis of various environmental components which include air, water, soil, sludge & solid waste etc. 
The laboratory follows USEPA, BIS, WHO and APHA methods as per client requirements. Soil, sludge and solid waste are analyzed using USEPA's Solid Waste Manual (SW-846).
We specialize in providing need based solution to different organizations in the following fields:
Water/Effluent / Emission /Ambient Air/Stacks/Light/ Meteorological Parameters/ Solid Waste / Noise testing. We have following testing facilities:

  • Industrial Effluent /Sewage testing for all parameters.
  • Drinking water & raw water testing.
  • Emissions testing
  • Ambient air testing.
  • Shop floor air testing for fugitive emissions.
  • Sound level testing (Data-logging, leq, Doze).
  • Light intensity testing (Instant & Data-logging).
  • Sludge / Solid waste testing.
  • Soil testing for micro-nutrients.
  • Meteorological parameters.
  • Oil & waste oil.
  • Compressed air.
  • Treatability /On-Site Studies

    Treatability studies for all types of industrial trade / sewage effluents for alternative methods of treatment. Trade Effluent Sludge & Solid /Hazardous Waste Quantization & Characterization.
    Effluent Treatment Plants / Sewage Treatment Plants Efficacy and adequacy testing of various types of treatment units is done as per our client requirements.

    Operation & Maintenance

    Operation and maintenance of all types of waste water, water, solid waste and air pollution control equipment is our strength.
    Environmental Survey, Sampling, Analysis & Data Generation
     Stack Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis of Stack Emissions, Ambient Air, Noise, Water and Waste-water, Soil, Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste.
     Bio-monitoring and Ecological (Flora, Fauna, Biodiversity) Studies.
     Meteorological Monitoring (wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity, Rainfall, cloud cover, mixing height.

     Conducting research studies on specific subjects related to environment, pollution control technology, survey and inventory, chemical analysis, feasibility studies etc.
    Conducting training programmed and workshops for capacity building of Environmentalist and other experts.

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