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Creative Analytical Lab and Consultant is an independent company offering high quality technical services in the different segments: Environmental Engineering Consultancy like EIA/EMP studies, consent management, industrial water management, water & waste water management, planning & infrastructure for setup of Testing laboratories at industries, colleges and commercial sites, consultancy services to getting accreditation/ recognition/ certification from governing bodies such as NABET (QCI), NABL, FASSI, BIS, MOEF&CC, State Pollution Control Boards  under technical barrier to trade for any industry, testing house (laboratory).
CAL & Consultant hereinafter referred as(CALCPL) has been established in 2014 by a group of top notch professional who joined together to share their experience and expertise in sustainable development of the Country. It is well organised firm consisting of eminent professionals, engineers, scientists, technocrats, administrators with vast experience in their respective fields


Water Testing

Water Testing Services Like; Drinking water,Surface Water,Ro Water,Etp Water,River Water,Swimming Pool Water etc.


Environment Testing

The main objective of the environment laboratory is to provide reliable and efficient analysis of various environmental components which include air, water, soil, sludge & solid waste etc. 

Petroleum Testing

We  are testing of compressor oil, Petroleum Oils, Furnace oil  ,Machine oils, Automotive fuels, Aviation Fuel, Bio fuels, Solvents , Coolants, Bunker Fuel , Crude Oil ,Brake fluids, Diesel , Industrial oils & Greases, Fuel Oil.


Ambient Air Quality Testing

AIR & EMISSION STUDIES- The pollutant concentration data provided by the laboratory helps out of the environmental lab to minimize the level of pollution by means the source of pollution.


Soil Testing

Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant have huge experience for testing Of Soil samples. Properties of soil vary according to its composition and type.

Chemical Testing

Our Chemical testing and analysis services, we help in meeting the relevant product regulations and ensure protection from probable harm.


Noise Testing

Noise is among the most pervasive pollutants today. Noise from road traffic, jet planes, jet skis, garbage trucks, construction ,name a few are among the audible litter that are routinely broadcast into the air.


Food Testing

Quality of food plays an important role in an individual life. Food quality gets seriously affected by microbial, physical, chemical factors.


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