CAL & Consultant Private Limitedoffers a wide range of consultancy services to its valued customers. The services it offers are:
EIA & EMP Study, SE Study, Environmental Clearance, NOCs (CTE & CTO), Compliances & Audits

✔ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
✔ Environmental Management Plan (EMP) studies
✔ Environmental Risk Analysis and Disaster Management Plan
✔ Socio-economic Surveys and Exposure Assessment Studies
✔ Ecological & biodiversity Studies
✔ Environmental Clearances (EC)
✔Consent To Establish (CTE)
✔Consent To Operate (CTO)
✔Environmental Compliances
✔Environmental Audit

Laboratory Services

✔ CALCPL has its own well-equipped Laboratory. It is managed by a team of qualified, experienced professionals under a dynamic management system. The laboratory is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.
✔ The Laboratory has wide range of facilities for test and analysis of all type of products.The Laboratory also caters to the training needs of the organization. It also offers training facilities for capacity building of young scientists.
✔ Site Survey, Sampling, Analysis & Baseline Data Collection and Generation
✔ Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis of Ambient Outdoor & Indoor Air Quality, Noise Quality, Water and Waste-Water Quality, Soil Quality, Stack and Fugitive Emissions, Municipal Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste.
✔ Ecological and Biological (Flora, Fauna, Biodiversity) Studies
✔ Meteorological Monitoring (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, cloud cover, mixing height)
✔ Collection and Interpretation of Socio-economic data.
✔Food and Feed Products (Cattle feed, Spices and condiments, Biscuits,
✔Namkeen, Sauces, Bread, Milk products etc.)
✔Hydrological & Geotechnical investigations (Pavement composition, Soil type, Safe Bearing Capacity (SBC), proctor and CBR test)
✔Conducting training programme, awareness programs and workshops for capacity building of Environmentalist and other exports.

✔ All the data collected and analysed by CALCPL undergo detailed interpretationby technical experts.


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