Quality of food plays an important role in an individual life. Food quality gets seriously affected by microbial, physical, chemical factors. Hence food products must be tested for their quality to ensure that they are safe for the consumption by the consumers. CALC undertakes the complete testing of the food products as per relevant standards. Some of the food items tested here are:

  1. Edible Oil
  2. Herb Spices and Condiments
  3. Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages
  4. Fruit and Packed Fruit Juices
  5. Dairy Products (Milk/ Ghee/Butter/Paneer etc)
  6. Tea and coffee
  7. Wheat/Rice/Maida/Besan
  8. Noodles
  9. Sugar and Sugar products (Confectionery)
  10. Bakery product
  11. Infant food
  12. Namkeen/Biscuits
  13. Pickels
  14. Honey
  15. Cereals, pulses etc
  16. Nut and Nut products
  17. Tobacco and Tobacco products
  18. Food additives and preservative


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