Today there has been a lot of pollution in the environment. Our science team checks this pollution and gives you the best solution.



The pollutant concentration data provided by the laboratory  helps out of the environmental lab to minimize the level of pollution by means the source of pollution.

  • Ambient Air Quality
  • Stack Emissions
  • Fugitive Emissions
  • Testing of Industrial Gases
  • Performance Evaluation of Pollution Control Systems
  • Certification of Pollution Load
  • indoor Air Quality
  • Incineration performance Evaluations
  • Toxicity index of combustible materials

Name of the product/sample   - Test Parameters-


Ambient Air Monitoring  - PM 2.5,PM 10,Sox,Nox,Ammonia,carbon Mono Oxide, Hydrocarbon, Fluoride, Lead, Nickel, Arsenic, Benzene, Benzo(a) Pyrine, Ozone.

STACK EMISSION Monitoring- Stack Emission Monitoring is very important for the industries to know about the level of pollution from their source of (stack) of industry. The high level of pollution may occur due to in-efficiency of the D.G set or the poor quality of the fuel being used.
Stack Monitoring & Testing
Name of the product/sample- Test Parameter

Stack Emission Monitoring- Sox,Nox, Co2, CO,SPM, Hydrocarbon, O2.


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