Water Testing



The problem of water has become a huge problem today, we are all responsible for this. Our science team gives you the best solution by testing your home, factory, college and river water.


Water Testing

When toxic substances enter lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, and other water bodies. They get dissolved or lie suspended in water or get deposited on the bed. This results in the pollution of water whereby the quality of the water deteriorates, affecting aquatic ecosystems. Pollutants can also seep down and affect the groundwater deposits.
We offer testing a full range of sampling and testing services for Potable, Municipal Sewage, Industrial Wastewater, Surface and Ground water testing solutions as per IS, APHA, BIS and WHO specifications.Characterization of water to assess its suitability for specific uses viz.

  • Human Consumption
  • Irrigation Purpose
  • Building Construction
  • Recreational Purpose
  • Industrial Applications
Evaluation Studies

The performance evaluation studies include

  • Water treatment plants
  • Effluent treatment process
  • Water purification equipment
  • Storage vessels
  • Water testing kits
  • Corrosion Inhibitors

Special Studies in Water

  • Characterization of bottled mineral water.
  • Sea & Coastal Waters.
  • Base -line data for desalination plants.
  • Wastewater streams - Total pollution load survey.
  • Base-line data for Common Effluent Treatment Plants for Industrial Estates.
  • Prediction of Corrosive & Scaling Tendencies of Waters.
  • Analysis of samples from various locations like Inlet, Outlet, Aeration Tank, Clarifier etc from waste water treatment plants.
  • Potable water
  • Packaged drinking water as per IS 14543-2004
  • Water for processed food industry as per IS 4251-2004
  • Packaged natural mineral water  as per IS 13428-2005
  • Water used for construction purpose as per IS 456
  •  Water for irrigation/ Industrial /cooling purposes.
  • Distilled / demineralised water.
  • Bore well water.
  • Effluents / waste water.
  • Aerated water.

Chemical parameters tested in the products

 Colour,Turbidity,Odour,Taste,Temperature,Hydrogenion,concentration,Conductivity,Alkalinity,Acidity,Chloride,Sulphates,Bromide,Hardness,Total  Dissolved Solids,Nitrate,Ammonium,Sulphide,Mineral oil,Phenol,Surfactants,Fluoride,Cyanide,Residual Chlorine, Biological  oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand etc.

Water and Wastewater Tests:

pH,Total Dissolved solid, Total suspended solid, Specific Conductivity, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Chloride, Fluoride, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Nitrate, Boron, Phosphate etc.

Water & Waste Water:

We offer analytical services for testing the quality of water from wide variety of sources used for number of processes

  • Drinking water (as per IS 10500), Bore well water Potable & Mineral water etc.
  • Liquid Effluent water as per (CPCB Guidelines)
  • Construction water as per IS: 456
  • DM water & Boiler water
  • Industrial cooling water etc.
  • Bio-Assay Test
  • All Types Water Testing

Water Testing Service

Water Testing Services covers the analysis of all type of water (Potable water, Ground Water, Drinking Water, Mineral Water), Surface Water, Construction Water, Boiler Water and Effluents (Domestic & Industrial), including Micro Biological Testing.
Following parameters are tested.

Physical Parameters,Conductivity,Colour,pH,Fixed & Volatile Solids,Total Solids,Total Dissolved Solids,Total Suspended Solids,Turbidity,Temperature,Velocity & Discharge measurement of industrial effluent stream,Salinity,Sludge Volume Index,Settable Solids,Inorganic Parameters (General & Non-metallic),Acidity,Alkalinity,Ammonical Nitrogen,Chloride,Chlorine residual,Fluoride,Total Hardness,Dissolved Oxygen,Total Kjelldahl Nitrogen,Nitrite Nitrogen,Phosphate,Silica,Sulphate,Carbon Dioxide,Chlorine Demand, Cyanide etc.







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