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The problem of water has become a huge problem today, we are all responsible for this. Our science team gives you the best solution by testing your home, factory, college and river water.


Water Testing

Water testing is the process of analyzing water samples to determine their chemical, physical, and biological characteristics. This is done to assess the quality of the water and ensure it meets certain standards for various purposes, such as drinking water, industrial processes, environmental monitoring, and recreational use. Here are some key aspects of water testing:


Parameters Tested: Water quality testing typically includes analysis of parameters like pH, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), and more. It also includes the assessment of specific contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, organic chemicals, and nutrients.

Sources of Water:Water can be obtained from a variety of places, including natural water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and groundwater, as well as treated water from municipal water supplies or private wells.

Water Quality Standards:Different countries and regions have their own water quality standards and regulations that specify the acceptable levels of various parameters in drinking water, recreational water, and wastewater discharges. Water testing ensures compliance with these standards.

Sampling:Proper sample collection is crucial to obtaining accurate results. Samples must be collected in clean containers, at appropriate depths and locations, and with precautions to avoid contamination. Sampling frequency also varies based on the source and intended use of the water.

Common Tests:-

Microbiological Testing:- Includes tests for bacteria like E. coli and coliforms, which can indicate fecal contamination.

Chemical Testing: Analyzes the levels of various chemicals, including heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, and other pollutants.

Physical Testing: Measures parameters like pH, turbidity, temperature, and conductivity.

Biological Testing: Examines the presence of algae, aquatic organisms, and pathogens.


Water testing is crucial for ensuring safe drinking water, protecting aquatic ecosystems, and preventing the spread of waterborne diseases.

We offer analytical services for testing the quality of water from wide variety of sources used for number of processes

  • Drinking water (as per IS 10500), Bore well water Potable & Mineral water etc.
  • Liquid Effluent water as per (CPCB Guidelines)
  • Construction water as per IS: 456
  • DM water & Boiler water
  • Industrial cooling water etc.
  • Bio-Assay Test
  • All Types Water Testing

Water Testing Service

Water Testing Services covers the analysis of all type of water (Potable water, Ground Water, Drinking Water, Mineral Water), Surface Water, Construction Water, Boiler Water and Effluents (Domestic & Industrial), including Micro Biological Testing.
Following parameters are tested.

Physical Parameters,Conductivity,Colour,pH,Fixed & Volatile Solids,Total Solids,Total Dissolved Solids,Total Suspended Solids,Turbidity,Temperature,Velocity & Discharge measurement of industrial effluent stream,Salinity,Sludge Volume Index,Settable Solids,Inorganic Parameters (General & Non-metallic),Acidity,Alkalinity,Ammonical Nitrogen,Chloride,Chlorine residual,Fluoride,Total Hardness,Dissolved Oxygen,Total Kjelldahl Nitrogen,Nitrite Nitrogen,Phosphate,Silica,Sulphate,Carbon Dioxide,Chlorine Demand, Cyanide etc.


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